Hosting & Care Packages

Why get a care package?


Lack of editing knowledge

Yello Designers will train you how to use your website, but this will only be the basics. If you are not careful when editing your website, you can potentially mess up the design. This would then cost a substantial amount to fix. Especially if code is involved. 


Keeping updated on updates

With CMS, Security, and Plugins constantly updating, you need to keep an eye on what the updates do. Simply pressing update each time could potentially mess up your website. 


Save time

Editing a website can take up a lot of your time, and if you mess up the website itself, it will take up even more of your time and money. Give yourself more time to do other important tasks by letting the professionals edit and update your website. 


Technology doesn't always work

Let’s face it, technology doesn’t always work and issues arise constantly. A care package with us will mean that we deal with these issues, and stop them from reoccurring.

Hosting packages

Yello Creations Care Packages Standard

£30 a Month

Yello Creations Care Packages Premium

£60 a Month

Care packages

Rook Package


6 hours labour
(1 page)
£200 Per page after hours are up
CMS Updates

Knight Package


12 hours labour
(2- pages) or (1 landing pages)
Premium Hosting
£150 per page after hours are up
CMS Updates

Bishop Package


18 hours labour
(3- pages) or (2 Landing page)
Premium Hosting
Website Monitoring
£80 Per page after hours are up
CMS Updates

King & Queen Package


50 hours Labour
(7 pages) or (4 landing pages)
Premier Hosting
Website Monitoring
Unlimited Blog / Post uploads
Unlimited Content Changes
Page redesigns
CMS Updates
Speed boost for a large website
Downtime credits

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