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Green Websites – A more eco-friendly approach to website design

Websites for the Environment – The average website emits 1.76g of CO2 per page view, implying that a website with 100,000 page views per month emits 2,112 kg of CO2 per year. The more complex a website, the more energy it takes to load. A website’s carbon footprint is increased by using too many fancy videos, unnecessary code, pointless back office features, and poor marketing. The decisions we make when building a strong online presence can consume electricity and emit more carbon. As the internet expands, so does the environmental cost.

There are steps we can take to assist! Changes in design and development can help to mitigate the damage while also raising awareness about how changing a website can have an impact on the environment.


Yello Creations designers are learning how to reduce website carbon footprints and are constantly applying this to new and old designs. The carbon calculator is used to see how much CO2 is released from our designs. We are working on transferring to a host that uses renewable energy, which will reduce the amount of CO2 a website produces by roughly 9%. See the list of worldwide green hosts HERE. The option to plant a tree, or have a tree sent to you to plant, has also been incorporated into our packages. If our clients decide to buy a tree to plant, we will pay for 10% of the fee.

Green Websites By Yello Creations

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Market Properly

Having potential prospects come on and off your website without contacting you (or doing what you want them to do) releases pointless CO2, as nothing has been achieved. Ensure you use experts when developing an online marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate.

Green Website Hosting

Is your hosting provider using renewable energy? Using a green host can really help lower the amount of CO2 your website is produces. See the link to the green directory above.

Device Usage

The internet currently produces approximately 3.8% of global carbon emissions, which are rising in line with our hunger to consume more data. When going online, think about if you really need to use a computer. Why not use your mobile phone instead?

Spreading Awareness

Many Businesses are unaware of the damage their website could be doing to the environment. Spreading awareness through social media, websites and networking will make a difference. Why not let your website traffic know you are reducing your website carbon footprint?

Tech Shut Down

Do you leave your PC on while you go out? Or maybe in Sleep mode? It’s understandable, we all do it. But ask yourself if this is really necessary. Leaving your PC on will release unnecessary CO2, which can be prevented by you.

Ask Questions

Research and asking question is crucial when it comes to Eco Friendly solutions. Are companies actually trying to help the environment, or is there a hidden agenda. Unfortunately, many Echo Friendly solutions are actually not that echo friendly. Do your research and ask questions.


Take a look at the answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions, get in touch using the contact form below.

Are you completely eco-friendly when designing websites?

Yello Creations are not completely eco-friendly, as we are still learning new ways to reduce a website’s carbon footprint while still making great websites. Because of this, we have incorporated tree planting into our packages.

How do I see how much CO2 my website produces?

You can either use The Carbon Calculator or purchase a full website performance audit from us.

Do you use a green host?

Yello Creations have been told our hosting provider uses renewable energy, however, a carbon audit says otherwise. Unfortunately, the carbon audit tool is not completely accurate, so we are currently investigating!

How can I plant a tree?

When choosing us to design your website, simple express your interest in planting a tree, or contact us below.

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