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Yello Creations Joshua Evemy

Joshua Evemy

Joshua Evemy is one of the directors of Yello, and is based in Hampshire, Basingstoke. He has studied Business for 5 years, and some qualifications include Accounting, E-Business, Economics, Marketing and Project management. Joshua has several years experience in management, Business development and Website Design, including knowledge on Tech marketing, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Yello Creations Reef Jones

Reef Jones

Reef M Jones is also a Director of Yello, and based in Hampshire, Basingstoke. With 4 years of experience in graphics design and a creative mindset, he has designed the faces of many businesses, from logos to business cards as well as website graphics. To Reef, customer service is the pinnacle of running his business. He has a professional understanding of customer needs, making him qualified in client satisfaction. Speaking with Reef, you’ll be pleased to have chosen Yello.

Who We Work With:

Hampshire Copywriting
Hampshire Lead Generation
Hampshire Graphics Design
Hampshire IT Support
Hampshire Lead Generation
Hampshire Phone Systems

Why Yello Creations?


A Greener Approach to Design

Yello Creations designers are learning and applying methods to reduce a website’s carbon footprint. Learn more HERE


Adapting With The Times

Technology is constantly evolving, and so are we. Yello Creations are constantly updating our websites, security, hosting, builders and designer knowledge on creating a greener world.


Experienced in IT, Website & Graphic Design

We have experience in the field of Graphic Design and IT (Cybersecurity, Networking, Computing etc). This means we can give you a strategically designed website with great technical support.

Yello Creations About Us Happy Client

Years Experience

 “Our mission is to bring leads and success to every Business in the online world.”

Joshua Evemy – Director, Web Designer, Entrepreneur

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